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Keynote: AI in Manufacturing

5-Minute Idea: Use of gamification for data democratization – how do gamification elements facilitate more engagement and an increased amount of data?

Discussion Room: Data Collection Strategy
What data should you collect and how?

Discussion Room: Eliminating Data Silos
Unifying your data management to develop a more collaborative company culture.

Discussion Room: Data Quality and Integrity
Validating the accuracy and consistency of stored data and the completeness, accuracy, timeliness and consistent state of information managed in your data warehouse.

Discussion Room: Data Governance
Practical strategies for turning data into tangible value, both internally and externally.

Discussion Room: Data Integration
Bringing it all together in one single source of truth.

Discussion Room: IOT and Sensors
Buy vs Build & the challenge of connectivity.

Panel: Organisational Culture and Buy-In for Data Strategy

Discussion Room: Business Intelligence
Best practice & using information for better decision making.

Discussion Room: AI & Machine Learning
Applications of AI, best practice, and achieving true ROI.

Discussion Room Session: Monetising Data
Leveraging data and robust predictive and data analytics to anticipate any issues before they occur.